Wealthy People Who Own The Most Lands In the World

Wealthy People Who Own The Most Lands In the World 2019 | The world is quite a large place, the total surface area of our planet – Earth is 126 billion acres which formed over a period of 4.5 billion years. As of 2017, World Bank recorded the total world population to be 7.53 billion […]

Wealthy People Who Own The Most Lands In the World 2019 | The world is quite a large place, the total surface area of our planet – Earth is 126 billion acres which formed over a period of 4.5 billion years. As of 2017, World Bank recorded the total world population to be 7.53 billion people.

Out of the 126 billion surface area, only 37 billons are land. Now if it were to be divided equally among the total world population, each individual would get 4.9 acres approximately.

Today we are going to find out who owns the most land in the world. Are you curious too about who that richest person is? Let’s dive then into our findings.

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Who Own The Most Lands In the World 2019?

Now let’s look at some wealthy people in the world who owns the most lands. You would be surprised at what you are going to discover. Continue reading.

#10 – Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of Kuwait

He owns about 4.4 million acres of all the lands in the world. His land covers more than half of the 7 million acres of Kuwait. The American government, however, owns some of the areas that aren’t his and has used it to build a base, a large one of course. The State of Kuwait is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Iraq and it’s coastline meets the Persian Gulf. The inland territory of Kuwait is dry and harsh but at its shores lies the Kuwait Bay.

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Kuwait is the 5th largest producer of oil in the world which is why it is one of the wealthiest countries. Almost all of the nation’s income comes from oil and it is also a source of employment for 96% of its working citizens. Citizen of Kuwait pays no taxes but rather receives free health care and education. Sheikh Al-Sabah who pledged 500 million in aid for the Syrian population has gained recognition for his generosity and humanitarian endeavors.

#9 – King Letsie III of Lesotho

He owns 11,718 square miles of the country including its diamond mines. His position is mostly symbolic, even though he has no political power, he still maintains ownership of this land. The Kingdom of Lesotho is well known for its high mountain peaks and plateaus as well as valleys. It is surrounded by South Africa. It’s a poor country that relies on its neighbors for electricity and employment opportunities. Even though tourism and the trade-in diamonds have brought in a lot of profits to Lesotho, they still appear to fall short of the various needs of its population. This is due to the fact that it grows at a slower than average pace.

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#8 – King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk of Bhutan

He owns about 15,000 square miles of land. He ascended the throne in 2006 at an age of 18 after his father stepped down as King. Bhutan is a small area wedged between it’s much-larger India and China neighbors. It has remained one of the world’s natural and idyllic locations due to strict restrictions on tourism. Bhutan requires any tourist who enters their country to pay $250 each day upon their arrival. That is in fact no the only thing that makes them appear natural and exceptional. Laws in Bhutan requires that 60% of their land be covered in forest. This lead to a Guinness World Record when they planted the most trees in a period of one hour in 2015.

Many people believe that King Namgyel’s nation is one of the poorest in the world, however, it doesn’t measure its wealth the same way as the other worlds do. Bhutan believes the GDP puts too much emphasis o materialist forms of wealth. It focuses on Gross National Happiness.

#7 – King Abdullah II of Jordan

He owns about 34.492 square miles of land. In contrast to other countries, Jordan is relatively small and lacks oil as a resource. It’s mainly mountainous and desert area but has a rich history as the side many ancient civilizations. King Abdullah served in the British army before joining the Jordanian army. He never thought his father would name him as his successor. Just like few other rulers remains humble even though he is a royal, he also lives in an apartment even though he has access to 8 palaces. He is known to mingle with his subject whiles staying disguised. He recently earned the distinction of being the world most paid political figure making $58million dollars in annual profits.

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#6 – Sultan Qaboos of Oman

He owns and controls all of Oman; a country of the coast of Arabia peninsula, where the Arabia sea and the coastal gulf meet. The coastal areas of this land are fertile and rich and support different types of crops. However more inland much of the area is covered by dry sand and receive little rainfall annually. Qaboos changed this kingdom and rose to power after overthrowing his own father who despite the land and failed to bring the country to prosperity and instead Qaboos has improved the country’s infrastructure and modernized its governing and joined forces with the Arab League and United Nations. Some say Sultan Qaaboos’s net worth is due to the value of gas and oil from his land and has earned him around $700million dollars.

#5 – King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand

This king owns all of Thailand which is about 128million acres of land. This land is in the heart of Southeast Asia and is very different depending on the area; to the north, there are hills and forests and in the center, there are rice farms and plants and rough coast along the country’s peninsula. King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s father had been the longest living ruler before his death with a reign of over 70 years, that title is now held by Queen Elizabeth the second. Upon his father’s passing in 2016, the $30billion dollars legacy he left behind officially became his son’s. The crown property bureau controls these and all other assets but acts on King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s directions. Some of the holdings including his newly acquired funds include Bangkok Real Estate, Saiame Commercial Bank and Saime Cement Group.

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#4 – King Mohammed VI of Morocco

King Mohammed owns about 175.6million acres of land. His kingdom is part of north Africa situated across Spain on the other side of the straits of Gibraltar. It is covered by most streams than anywhere else in the north due to water collection in both the rift and atlas mountains. Most Morrocan soil is rich as well and provides 33,000 square meters of land for agriculture. In addition to the wealth of his land, King Mohammed VI also owns 35% of the Societe Nationale De Inveticimo or SNI company that he inherited from his father before him. SNI has shares in banks, mining companies, sugar producers and dairy farms and boasts a believed value of $10million dollars. The profits these investments have given him earned him first place on Forbes list of the 5 richest African Kings.

#3 – Pope Francis

Pope Francis owns 187million acres of land. These include 177million in embassies around the globe and 110 acres of what comprises of Vatican City. However, when he assumed the position that provides him with power, he often forsakes the luxury that had traditionally come with it. For example, he made headlines for staying in a two-room apartment instead of the Vatican apostolic palace. Its worth is estimated to be between 10 and 15 billion dollars. However, Pope Francis’s personal wealth, a lot of which he had earned from his tasks to the Vatican is around 25 to 28 million dollars; these are estimates, however. A lot of the property has never been appraised and information on the Pope’s finances is not widely known.

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# 2 – King Salman of Saudi Arabia

He succeeded his half brother, Abdullah in 2015 and owns 547million acres of land. This the majority of the Arabian peninsula, mostly desert. Though impressive to most, his millions add up to only 12% of Queen Elizabeth’s II properties, however, he has no reason to complain. While many estimate the wealth of the British Royal Family to be $88billion dollars, that is nothing compared to that of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia whole wealth is worth $1.4trillion dollars. Their fortune comes from the rich oil reserves discovered in their lands back when Salman’s father Abdullah Aziz bin Saad was king.

The sale of natural gas and petroleum are conducted through outside and cooperated the family business. This company is reported to be worth a value of $2trillion dollars making it one of the most successful worldwide. Its profits are divided among many thousands of family members. King Salman himself is worth $17billion dollars.

#1 – Queen Elizabeth II

Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second own about 6.6 billion acres of land. This comprises of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, the Forkland Island and more. Queen Elizabeth II is worth $425 million which includes the Sandringham House property which is worth $65 million and the Baltimore Castle which is also worth $140 million. In addition to these, she also generates $54.4 million in profit annually from properties owned in the crowned states. This covers large areas in central London – 263,000 of farmlands, business, and retail property, approximately half of the UK shore and nearly all seabeds for miles but that is not all there is more property known as the Dutchy of Lancaster that provides her a cool $19 billion.

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