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When The Other Guy In Your Fiancée’s Life Comes To Your Rescue

When The Other Guy In Your Fiancée’s Life Comes To Your Rescue

“She’s cheating on you…”

People wake up to beautiful messages—especially people in love. I had been in love for over three years. Yeah, I had those messages at the flowery stages of the relationship but just as bones run dry with age, those flowery messages stopped as the love aged. Until one day I woke up to this message on my phone; “She’s cheating on you and I have evidence.”

The message didn’t mention anyone’s name but if someone would cheat on me, it wouldn’t be my boss who I always fought with. Definitely, it wouldn’t be my pastor who always complained about my inability to attend church services as often as it pleases God. There was only one person who could cheat on me and that was Daisy. The woman I had dated for three years straight without any drama. I thought of Daisy and said to myself, “No she can’t cheat on me. This message might have come to me mistakenly. I replied, “My name is Hubert. I live at Adenta and I’m a medical nurse. Is this message meant for me?”

While I was waiting for the response, I allowed my mind to wander. I thought about all the reasons that could push Daisy into another man’s arms. I said, “We’ve been together for three years and all these years we’ve never fought on anything. Is that a reason enough for a woman to cheat?” A woman can wake up one day and say, “That silly boy, he doesn’t even know how to fight with me. I’d rather look for another guy who has a fighting spirit.” Is that possible? I answered, “No sane woman will ever do that.” I patted myself on the shoulder and said, “This message came to me by mistake.

A month before that message, I was discussing marriage with Daisy. I asked her, “Do you think about marriage?” She said, “It’s not something I will die for but when the time is right and you’re ready, I will be ready too.” I asked her, “When will the time be right?” She said, “You told me you’re saving money. I guess the time would be right when your money for marriage is ready.” I told her, “Then I’m ready. You’re working and I’m also working. We’ve been doing this for three years. You know me enough and I also know you enough. Let’s start preparing.” She said, “I will. Mentally I’m not there yet but I’ll be ready, trust me.”

The response was taking forever so I texted the sender again, “The message was not for me right? You’ve seen your mistake, right?” Hours later, I didn’t get a reply so I decided to call. I called the number and it was off. I called again and it was off. That made my anxiety worse. “Who will send an important message like this one and later switch off their phone? What if the receiver wants further and better particulars?” 

I called Daisy. I told her, “Guess what came to my phone this morning…Someone sent me a message about someone cheating on me. I thought the sender might have made a mistake but as I’m talking to you right now, the sender’s phone is off.” She asked, “What’s the sender’s number?” I mentioned it to her. She said, “Take your time, mention it slowly.” I did while she repeated every number after me. I asked, “Does the number sound familiar?” She said, “No it doesn’t. Maybe it was sent to you by mistake.” If the sender was serious about it, he/she wouldn’t have turned off the phone.”

In the night, around 11pm, my phone beeped again. It was a message from the same number. It said, “You didn’t need to introduce yourself. I know you and the message was meant for you. Your girlfriend is cheating on you. I have evidence.” I responded, “You mean Daisy? Where is your evidence? I’m interested. Send everything.” Ten minutes later, no response. I called the number again and it was off. I was angry. “Who could be playing this cat and mouse game with me?” It reminded me of my childhood days in Labone. We’ll run through the street of the neighborhood, tapping on the bell button of our neighbors for as long as we could. Immediately we see them coming out, we’ll run away and laugh our hearts out. Do we pay for our childhood sins when we grow up?” 

When I called Daisy, her number was busy. I called again and I was on call waiting. I called several times again but each time, my call was on call waiting. It took her an hour for her to call back. She said, “I was on the phone with my mom. It looks like she’s having issues with my dad. When it happens this way, they won’t allow me to sleep.” I sympathized with her. I said, “Whatever the issue is, I hope they solve it amicably.” She said, ”They always do but not without drama.” I said, “The number texted again. The sender said it wasn’t a mistake. It was meant for me.” Then I asked jovially, “Are you cheating on me?” She said, “Maybe you are because that girlfriend the sender is talking about isn’t me. You have to explain how you got another girlfriend who is cheating on you.” We both laughed. I said, “Maybe it’s a prank.” 

I kept calling the number each time I remembered the message. For three straight days, all I did was to try and see if my call will go through to the number. It never did. I was haunted. Nobody wakes up and sends a message like this to anyone unless there’s a problem. I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I kept trying the number until one night the number sent screenshots to my Whatsapp. After the screenshots, the sender said, “This is the perfect time to send you the evidence because I know she’s with you.” I turned and looked at Daisy’s face. She asked me, ”What?” I said, “Nothing.” 

I went to the bedroom to read all the messages on the screenshot. It was a conversation between Daisy and her ex. I checked the timestamp and they were all current messages. Daisy was expressing her undying love for her ex. They were talking about beach sex and why it’s the craziest thing they’ve ever done. Every line of the conversation smelled of something naughty. Sadly, every line of their conversation left me broken, piece by piece. I went back to the hall. I asked, “You and Derrick got back together?” She was chewing biscuit when I asked that question. The chewing stopped. She stared at me blankly. I repeated the question. She said, “Why are you asking me that question? You know Derrick is not in the country so how’s that possible?” 

I forwarded all the screenshots to her. I said, “Now you tell me how this was possible.” She looked at me. She asked, “Where did you get this from?” I said, “It’s not important. You have to answer questions, not me.” For minutes she couldn’t talk. I said, “So it’s true. You’ve been sleeping around with him? What did I do wrong to deserve this? Speak out. Have I ever wrong you?” She was quiet. Once in a while, she’ll chew a little and then stop.” Her silence got me agitated. I held her dress and pulled her off her seat. I said, “Speak out. Why did you do that?” She said, “Be careful you don’t hit me. I’ve accepted my mistake that’s why I’m quiet but don’t try to hit me.” I told her, “You can leave my house. Go and stay with Derrick since he’s everything to you.”

It was around 11pm when I drove her out. We didn’t talk for days. I was hurt but I was thinking she will call to apologize and promise me it wouldn’t happen again but she never did. A week later, she called, still asking me where I got those screenshots from. I said, “If that’s the only important thing to you in this issue then you don’t deserve any good thing in life.” She said, “I deserve to know where you got it from because those screenshots didn’t come from my phone. There’s a third person. Who knows what he can do with those messages. Is it from that same number who was sending you messages?” I didn’t answer. I cut the call.

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I also wanted to know where the sender got the screenshots from so I called the number. It was off. I sent a message, “Please call me when you see this message. We need to talk.” One night I got a message. It said, “Did she lie? What was her explanation? Never believe her. Her ex is not the only person she cheated with.” I called immediately the message dropped and a male voice answered. I said, “Thanks for picking up this time. I want to know. How did you get the screenshot?” He said, “I’ve dated Daisy for three months now. She never said that she had a boyfriend. She came to sleep here one night and I went through her phone and found your chat and that guy’s chat. I didn’t tell her anything. I only decided to pay her back for lying to me. She still doesn’t know that I did it. She was here with me yesterday. I’m not done paying her back.”

I screamed, “What?” He said, “Bro, I’ve learned never to trust those creatures in skirts so when I’m with them, I always sleep with one eye open. They are never loyal. How long have you dated her?” After I told him my story with Daisy, he asked, “What do you want me to do to her on your behalf?” I said, “I’m happy already for the rescue you’ve given me. She will pay for the rest in the future. Just leave her. He said, “Someone like this should be punished right here and now.” I asked, “So what do you suggest?” He said, “I’m still with her. I’ll figure things out. She’ll regret ever lying to me.”

After talking to the guy I’d wanted to call her and give her all the information just to shame her but I thought to myself, “My brother is on top of the issue already. I need not snitch. Maybe someday, I will call her and laugh at her but for now, she should go through the mill until she’s well ground. 


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