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Why I Am Yet To Change To My Husband’s Name- Seyi Edun

Nigerian actress, Seyi Edun has revealed why she has not yet changed to her husband’s name, Adeniyi Johnson.

In a conversation with City People, Seyi Edun who is married to an actor intimated that it is hard making the process to revert to her husbands’ name, however, work towards adopting the name is still in progress.

“I will, we are working on that, it will happen very soon. Honestly, bearing my name doesn’t change anything, but I would still change to his name when the time comes. You will also agree with me that changing of name is not something that is that easy here. It requires putting many things in place. It takes a long process”.

When asked how often she tells him ‘I love you’, the soft spoken damsel said: ”That is not new, I say that every day, every minute, every second, I love him dearly”.

She also shed light on how they both balance their careers and the home-front.

“We both know how to put everything in place and one would not affect the other and that is why everything has been perfect for us. I create time for everything I do, and that has helped me a great deal and nothing is lagging behind”.


Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Why I Am Yet To Change To My Husband’s Name- Seyi Edun