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Woman Beats Her Mother-in-law For Calling Her A Barren Woman

Woman Beats Her Mother-in-law For Calling Her A Barren Woman

A young lady confidently laid hands on her mother-in-law for referring to her as barren and attempting to arrange for her husband to marry another woman.

Her cousin, who was in a bad relationship with her mother-in-law, lost her cool after a series of rants about her infertility in the marriage, according to a Twitter user named @Theeladi.

The story reads in part;

“Apparently insults were thrown around and other general forms of disrespect. My cousin decides to beat her up once and for all. Moghel doesn’t fight back. She just cries. Hubs and his dad come back and cousin asks them to drive her back to her parent’s house.

Hysterical mom in-law says she got a beating. Cousin denies and says she’d never hurt a fly. On some. “but baby you know me mos? Why would I hurt an old woman?”
They fail to resolve it and drive her home anyway. Cousin makes it clear that the only time she’s leaving.”

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In other news, Speed Darlington, a rapper, has detailed how he was deserted by a woman he was giving money to before coming to Nigeria.

The lady, according to the rapper, kept assuring him that she was “keeping herself for him” and then went on to persuade him by posting a workout video of herself, stating she was “keeping herself fit for him.”

All of this got into the head of Speed Darlington, who characterized himself as a “naturally cheap man,” and he kept sending the lady money.

Meanwhile, when he met her this year and started chatting her, she disclosed she had been in a relationship for a year.

Speed Darlington who felt betrayed after sharing the lady’s videos on social media and getting dumped says he needs a coded baby mama after arriving in the country.

Source; Ghgossip.com

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