YOLO Actress Etty Bedi Leaked Video | The much talked about ‘atopa’ video of Yolo star, Etty Bedi has finally found its way into the social media sphere but it’s not your regular ‘atopa’ video. Even though there have been a lot of arguments already about the video, we have decided to let you watch the video and judge for yourself.

In the video, the Yolo actress, Etty Bedi, was in a doggy position taking some backshots from the guy as the two enjoyed the act together in front of another guy, and a woman who was begging them not to. Their action which was without remorse triggered the other lady who was already inside the room to experience amoral effects.

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Etty Bedi whose real is Etornam Bedi has earlier explained that the supposed video was a scene from a movie she shot last year which was uploaded on YouTube.

According to the 21-year-old actress in an interview with Ghanaian vlogger Zionfelix, she has never exposed her entire body but just her thighs. She has however said that was her last ever adult movie role in her life.

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YOLO Actress Etty Bedi Leaked Video

Check out the video below that was posted by Buzzslate on their Instagram handle:


She says she will never ever in her life act in any adult movie. She claims not to know how that particular clip, which is not a full blossomed movie, ended up on some adult websites. She has apologized to Ghanaians for that mistake and has promised it will never ever happen again.

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