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‘You Hate Gays But Always Run to Their Country’- Kemi Olunloyo Tackles Homophobic Nigerians

Her comment is firmly hinged on a recent post she made about Nigerian crossdresser James Brown which drew criticisms from Nigerians who said it’s inappropriate for someone of her caliber to be giving prominence to people like James Brown.

She shared;

“If you are new on my page you need to know my stand on LGBT. The gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people are my friends. I grew up in North America where they have rights. Many were doctors, police officers, school teachers to my children and so on.

HATE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ON MY PAGE. It took you years to accept Denrele and Bobrisky’s style. Cross dressers are not always gay. Shine your eyes, the same America and Canada you want to flee to have lots of them. Wake up and smell the coffee, you are not better than them. Keep quiet and don’t say a word on my page about queer people. Treat people the same. Know my stand if you are new here.

I’m nobody’s role model. I’m a mentor. Role models too fall from grace. Don’t push your children or yourselves at me. There is no I want to be like Kemi Olunloyo. I read every single comment on my page and do the blocking. I have endured a lot in Nigeria and will not continue to surround myself with negative people.

This is why you no longer see me doing news daily. I trained students @therestofnaija My posts are Opinion and investigative journalism. I hope I made myself clear. Pls don’t let me close comments. If you can’t view my page anymore after 7am, it means you were removed for disrespecting me in the @wf_jamesbrown comments.

Some even insinuated that it was a paid post. Those same people are in my DM begging my team for a free post. Levels have changed. Keep it real. African culture and religion doesn’t matter.

Spread Love never hate. If I type BLOCK next to your comment means my admins should remove you. It’s my instructions. C: @rupaulofficial was my mentor since 1983 and studied his style for years💚🇺🇸 See her full post below;

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | ‘You Hate Gays But Always Run to Their Country’- Kemi Olunloyo Tackles Homophobic Nigerians