Known in real life as Edward Christopher Sheeran and popularly known as Ed Sheeran, is an English songwriter and a musician from England specifically Suffolk. He currently of the most successful musician in history with a net worth of $110 million as of 15th July 2018 according to Forbes. – Ed Sheeran’s 7 Rules of Success

He’s only 28 years and achieved a lot in his career and life. He’s number 9 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 2018. This shows he’s one of the richest musicians on earth and the most popular currently.

His song “Thinking Out Loud” is number #1 on the list of US’ 25 Bestselling Singles of All Time

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We present to you Ed Sheeran’s 7 Rules of Success. He believes anyone can achieve success as he had been able to if only they can observe the rules of success.

1. Stay Humble

Being a humble person can take you around the world; places you’d never imagined. Even after all his achievements, success and riches, Ed Sheeran still maintains his level of humbleness. He doesn’t snub people as others do. He still visits his hometown to meet with old friends and families. The lesson here is don’t forget who you are, where you come from, and who was the for you when you had no one.

2. Make Sacrifices

He believes in making sacrifices. An example of some of the sacrifices he made include when he used to sleep on the London Underground at times in those days when he didn’t have any place to stay. That didn’t stop him from doing music, performing at live events and sharing his music. Get ready to make some sacrifices; it’s not going to be as easy you think it might be but eventually, everything would come to an end one day.

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3. Be Persistent

Another rule Ed Sheeran believes in is being persistent or determined in whatever you’re doing out there. He started recording songs when he was just 13. He helped out at gigs and performed all over Suffolk. Before he would become the superstar we know him to be today, he had really worked so hard in the mud and never giving up. Be determined, persistent whiles looking forward to your dreams. Don’t give up because the road is rocky or muddy. Get strong and never stop moving.


4. Connect With People

In an interview some time ago, Ed Sheeran mentioned that his music is not only relevant to his own life but connects well with others. And if people resonate with your product/work, and it brings out emotions in them. They become more attached to the brand in one way or the other and they’ll be much more likely to purchase your work.

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5. Just Be You

Being your real self and not a wannabe. Just be yourself! Don’t try to be someone else that you are not. Being real attractive success than pretending to be someone. So if you want to be successful like Ed Sheeran, embrace your true self and stop pretending to be someone else.

6. The More You Do, the Better You Get

Ed Sheeran strongly believes in the old adage “More Practice Makes Man Perfect”. He practiced and practiced, eventually becoming good at both rapping, singing, and playing the guitar. He believes that when you practice over and over again, your brain doesn’t forget.

7. Be A Likable Person

According to Ed Sheeran “Likable people sell records.” This simply means that if you’re a likable person, you’re much more likely to achieve success in anything you do because the people who like you will make thing a lot easier by supporting you. So, in everything you do try and be a likable person first!

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Wow! Isn’t it amazing to learn from the experienced? Well, these are Ed Sheeran’s 7 Rules of Success and I believe anyone can master them to improve their life. Thank you for reading, kindly check out our other articles.

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