BFW: Jeiel Damina – The Final Word Song | Best Friends in The World is an entertaining and educative web series produced by Neptune3 Studios. Jesimiel Damina and Jemima Damina are the two sisters behind the team producing the beautiful episode every week. Recently, Neptune3 Studios released a 22-track soundtrack album which contains all the original songs used in the series. The Best Friends in The World Soundtrack Album featured many of the casts of the series, almost all of them. READ MORE: Watch YOLO Season 5 Episode 1. One of the songs on the 22-track album is “The Final Word” written by Jesimiel Damina and sung by Jeil Damina. They recently released the official music video for Jeiel Damina – The Final Word song. Follow us for the remaining 21 songs on the Best Friends In The World Soundtrack. These soundtracks were used in the Best Friends in the…

3RD TV Music Video Awards 2019

3RD TV Music has released the full list of nominees for 3RD TV Music Video Awards 2019 after months of announcing for artistes to submit their works for nominations. they have finally released the list of artists whose works are qualified for this year’s awards. They have themed this year’s edition as the “Green Edition”.

My Net Worth Is More Than $10 Million Dollars - Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has been talking about how rich he is among his peers for a very long time. Today, the Shatta Movement Empire boss has said that some artists in the music industry make noise about how much money they have. He added that they claim they want to live a private life and for that will not reveal how much they have made from the industry to the public and that they are all but lies.

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