History: Here Is Why All Ewes Are Proud To Be Called Number 9 | In Ghana, it is very common to hear an “Ewe” man or woman referring to or being referred to as “Ayigbe Number 9”, sometimes “Number 9” for short. Many people including you have been wondering why the “Ayigbe” people are so-called. Even though there’s a history behind that name, some indigenous “Ewe” people do not even know about it. I am going to give you a brief history about how the title “Number 9” or “Ayigbe Number 9” came into existence.

It all dates back to the year 1957 which happens to be the year Ghana got its independence from her colonial master. In this year, the first-ever Ghana Most Beautiful beauty pageant was organized where there were representations from all the then 10 regions in Ghana.

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Our attention is on Madam Monica Amekoafia now. She was one of the contestants of the first-ever Ghana Most Beautiful beauty pageant show, a representative of the people of the then Volta Region. She was born in 1934. She was also the first winner of the first-ever Ghana Most Beautiful event organized. She was contestant number 9.

Now on why the “Ewes or Ayigbe” people sometimes refer to themselves as “Number 9”. When Miss Monica Amekoafia won the event, the people of the Volta Region were very proud of her. They decided to use her contesting number “Number 9” to introduce themselves to people whom they don’t understand their language very well since the program was aired on national television. They were proud to mention that they were from the same region and speak the same language as the first Miss Ghana and it was from this that the people from Volta Region are called “Number 9”.

History: Here Is Why All Ewes Are Proud To Be Called Number 9
Miss Monica Amekoafia / Winner, First Ghana Most Beautiful in 1957

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