Ghana Jollof Beats Nigeria Jollof In Onga Jollof Battle 2019 | It has been a decade long debate about who cooks the best Jollof Rice? Ghana or Nigeria. It’s finally time that the scores are settled and this article is going to give you details of the outcome of Onga Jollof Competition 2019.

Over the weekend Chefs from Nigeria and Ghana went head to head in a Jollof Rice Competition organized by Onga. The competition was organized to draw a line between the decade long debate: Which Country Cooks Jollof Rice Better, Ghana or Nigeria?

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Jollof rice is a popular dish in West Africa with slice variations in its preparation in each country. Many Ghanaians and Nigerian have been waiting for this opportunity to prove that their country has the best Jollof rice.

The contestants for this year’s Onga Jollof Battle are Sika Moto representing Ghana and Abass Adebokola popularly known as Chef Tuore stood in for Nigeria. After two hours of cooking, it was now time for the judges to determine which Jollof is the best by how it tastes.

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There were three judges for this year’s Onga Jollof Battle; one from Ghana, another judge from South Africa and also a judge from Nigeria. After they have all taste both Jollof rice, the judges were unbiased in their verdict, announcing Ghana Jollof the best.

People from all walks of life present at the event were blind-folded to taste the Jollof rice and to make their own verdict but Ghana Jollof still stood out with its wonderful taste.


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Ghana’s Sika Moto received two thousand dollars ($2,000) as the winning prize whiles Chef Toure received a thousand dollars ($1,000) in prize for her efforts. The next Onga Jollof Battle is scheduled to take place in Nigeria next year but until then, Ghana Jollof is the best Jollof in West Africa.

Watch The Onga Jollof Battle As Reported By BBC News

Video Source: BBC


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