While many people are against the transgender surgery, others think it is fun to try and that was how a Kenya man (now a woman), Letoya Johnstone, who changed his gender through the transgender surgical operations which cost millions.

Letoya was a modeling instructor even before her adventurous operation. She now recounts the days when she was a man as compared to the aftermaths of her surgical operation which transformed her to female.

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In an Instagram post, Letoya Johnstone had debunked the rumor that she is a millionaire who lives a lavish lifestyle.

“As a child, I never grew up with so much. While growing up, I never had much either. I have never in my life been a millionaire neither have I spent millions of money to change to become a woman,” she wrote.

– Letoya Johnstone

Pictured in a dilapidated house, Letoya was seen cooking while dressed in a dera.

According to the transformed model, she sometimes goes hungry and does not have a seven-figure bank account as it had been rumored.

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“I am not here to confuse people or make them believe that I have so much money. That is not true my people. I am broke,” she added.

– Letoya

According to the transgender woman, she admittedly hangs out with celebrities from time to time but sadly, these celebrities do not pay for her services.

Letoya Johnstone Catwalking At A Fashion Event…

Letoya Johnstone, Man Who Spent Millions To Change Gender She's Now Broke
Letoya Johnstone / Image Source: Eleskie Noire

However, the most controversial issue is how Letoya admitted on different interviews that she came up with millions to fund her transition from male to female.

She said the transgender surgical operation was not a cheap affair but it was all worth it because she is now comfortable in her own skin.

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Now, it seems the actual truth about Letoya Johnstone, having millions has been kept secret. The question we ask is, her admission on several interview counts that she came up with millions for the operation. If she is not actually swimming in millions already then how did she come up with the sum of money?

– Letoya Johnstone, Man Who Spent Millions To Change Gender Says She’s Now Broke

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