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Ministry Of Education Refutes Claims Of SHS Education Being Moved From 3yrs To 6yrs

The Ministry of Education has refuted claims made on social media and various news outlets that the Senior Secondary School education in Ghana will be moved from 3yrs to 6yrs.

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It would be vividly recalled that the Minister of Education, Hon. Yaw Osei Adutwum stated in a press conference that the decision to move Shs education from 3yrs to 6yrs forms part of efforts to transform secondary education in Ghana with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at the center. This comes shortly after he stated that the government is determined to revamp STEM education in Ghana.

According to him, after the country’s education system is implemented the number of high schools in Ghana will be decreased from 13,000 to around 2,500.

The Minister emphasized that the ministry would collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including private sector operators, to provide much-needed infrastructure for STEM-related institutions, such as laboratories, workshops, and lecture halls.

Well, the Ministry of Education has released a statement contrary to what the minister said, saying that the duration of Senior Secondary school education has not been moved from 3yrs to 6yrs as speculated on social media. This was revealed by the Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Kwesi Kwarteng.

A statement released by the Ministry says;

The Minister only spoke about strengthening the existing 6-year secondary school system(based on the 1987 Educational Reform; of 3 years of JHS and 3 years SHS) by resourcing the neglected lower secondary (JHS) so that after 3 years of JHS and 3 years of SHS, secondary school graduates will have an experience of a true 6-year secondary school system introduced by the 1987 education reform. We should be mindful not to confuse Secondary Education with Senior High Education. At no point did the Minister say in yesterday’s press forum that SHS was to move from the current 3yrs to 6yrs. With the crucial role of the media in shaping public discourse & national conversation, it is important for the media to be factual & responsible in their reportage.”

Source: Ghgossip.com

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