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‘Prophets In Ghana Will Determine Who Will Win The 2024 Elections’ – Prophet Nigel Gaisie Claims

Controversial Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has claimed that the 2024 elections will be determined by prophets in Ghana.

He made this known during his watch night service on December 31, 2021, at his Prophet Hill Chapel International.

He took to the opportunity to lambast the government and the police service for trying to silence prophets in Ghana with their directives that any prophet who gives a false prophecy will be arrested.

Watch him in the video below;

  1. I speak as a Prophet of God sent to the Nations. The Lord said I should tell the leadership of Ghana that they should change their ways and please Him. If they do not change their ways, His wrath and anger will befall them, His judgement will come on them and their generation here after. NB Isaiah 66; 15 for behold, the lord will come in fire and his chariots like whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire.
  2. I saw a famous D.J fall in Umofia
  3. We should pray for the journalism association of Umofia, in my vision I saw one of the prominent men saying bye bye, this man I saw has a connection with the Central Western of Umofia.
  4. A former CEO will be jailed.
  5. I saw crises, serious crisis in the Northern part of Nigeria.6. God told me a Woman will be leading the world.
  6. I saw Donald Trump coming back to active politics.The Lord said we should pray for the health of the American President, why is Russia crying?
  7. Saith the Lord, there’s a heavy cloud of darkness covering the head of Government in Umofia.

-Let’s Avoid a repeat of what the nation went through few years ago.

– I saw in the Spirit, incantations and provocations being made for the big man to fall before his time.

In my sleep, I saw the deputy wearing the shoes of the big man. It is not divine. He that have ears should listen.

  1. I have seen in the Spirit a new political party being birth from the Asanti part of Umofia… let’s watch that space.
  2. Let us pray and watch vigilantly against internal and external explosive attacks, you’re your brother’s keeper. There is an impending clouds of attack on the topographical space of Umofia,let them pray and be vigilant.
  3. We need to pray against the Spirit of suicide. In the year 2022 suicidal cases will increase.
  4. The Lord took my spirits and in my vision I saw hunger. I saw green leaves becoming dry. The milk of cows went dry.

-I saw mother’s whale and cry.

– I saw fathers and men garnishing their teeth

– I saw People in despair,

I saw what happened in 1983 repeat itself. let’s all sit up

  1. The hand of the Lord rested upon me, and carried me to the Land of Umofia Election 2024. The 2024 general elections will be determined by two regions. The Northern belt and Ashanti.

Let the CND focus more on the Northern belt.

Let the CND focus more on the Northern belt.

Let the CND focus more on the Northern belt.

I saw their flagged being waved. Green, Red, White and Black

  1. The Lord opened my eyes, and I saw the barren take seed. Thou saith the Lord, He will honor more barren women this Year 2022.
  2. The Lord carried my Spirit to a place of peoples assembly this assembly is closer to a stadium,there is a systemic satanic agenda to reduce the numbers of the Minority. Let the Minority and their leadership be Vigilant and watchful. The Lord said I should tell them that they are there in this repressive times to represent His interest and that of the general interest of the people of Umofia.
  3. Thou saith the Lord, a speaker of the peoples assembly, there is a deliberate attempt to take his place. I saw a red flag on his chair and all the people in Umofia were sad.
  4. I saw clearly a riot on the streets of Banjul, a Consistent riot.
  5. The Lord carried my spirit to a political party’s delegate Conference in Umofia. I saw fighting and injures, it was brutal and heavily tensed in 2022.
  6. I saw in my vision registration, I saw in my vision registration, I saw in my vision registration…

There will be another registration from the C.E of Umofia.

I saw N.I.A card been transferred and other twocards. Let’s avoid it.

  1. The Lord opened my eyes from now to the next three days accidents and lots of strange deaths in the year 2022. Let’s drive with care.

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