Relationship Matters: Couple Heatedly Exchange Insults After Divorce | Marriage is supposed to bring to people together accepting a common vow to love each other in better or worst situations. However, most marriages do not work out as planned and end up in divorce. In the United States alone, 50% of all marriages fail and end up in divorce. The story is not different for all other countries in the world especially countries in Africa.

A video circulating on social media is a typical example of how some marriages that end up in divorce brings about; disrespect for the people they once loved and called them partners for life.

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In this particular video that is fast spreading on the internet, the couple is heard insulting each other with their weaknesses and ridiculing themselves after a divorce. They are not the only people who are doing this to themselves but hundreds, if not thousands of couples around the world go through such.

When the love goes away, what is left is disrespect and disregard for one another. There are a lot of divorced couples out there who would prefer their once partner no longer existed for reason best known to them.

It’s so pathetic how a once beautiful couple gets separated due to a misunderstanding and wouldn’t want to see or hear anything about each other anymore.

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Many religions are against divorce due to the unpredictable harm it can cause to the couple and their offsprings if any. They usually try their best to get the couple back together as a family but in cases where that fails, the couple goes ahead to see a divorce lawyer prepare documents for their divorce.


In choosing someone you would call a partner/spouse for life, make sure to choose someone who would still respect and regard who you are no matter what happens between you two in the future. Marry some who regardless of their decision to divorce would not disrespect or ridicule you in any form.

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Listen to the couple exchanging unpleasantries in the video below:

Below is a video of audio of the heated insults and ridicule by the couple. It was shared by a Facebook user known as Josephine Yartel, a woman touching lives and advising young ladies with the use of social media. Listen to the audio below in Twi (a Ghanaian local dialect)

Do note that you can be sued by your divorced partner for verbal abuse or attack on his/her personality. Most divorce lawyers advise the couple before the divorce documents are handed over to them to sign.


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