Veteran actor Emeka Ike has vent out all the anger he has been harboring in his heart about how life isn’t balanced in Nigeria especially for Male celebrities who die so easily and quickly more than the women.

According to Emeka Ike, male artists are always left out they are easily coaxed into projects but never carried along like the female celebrities and they walk into a big office with their female counterparts but walk out with only drinks in their kidneys while the females walk home with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Emeka Ike added that but all men can’t become Bobrisky because of their religious values and cultural standards sighting example with the entertainment death indices where male artists die in silence and a few old females and a sizeable amount of young female artists but the males carry the day anytime.

Using the sad incident of the late Sound Sultan, Emeka Ike urged that male celebrities should be celebrated just as they celebrate female celebrities telling how much he felt the pain when he realized the last post of Sound Sultan was about celebrating him while alive.

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Emeka Ike then cautioned saying that he isn’t saying male artists aren’t doing well but he’s talking about how life isn’t balanced in Nigeria where the female celebrities are carried high more than the male celebrities by the politicians and all those who call the shots.

Emeka Ike’s post was addressed to the people at the top who sees women differently from men but then those at the down here also do the exact thing unknowingly as they also carry the female celebrities far more than they acknowledge the male celebrities.

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