What is Sco pa tu mana and Who originated it? | When you google translate “Sco pa tu mana” you will be given an English translation as “where is that” as it was auto-detected as the Malayan language but here’s the turnout, when you translate “where is that?” to Malay you get the translation as “di mana itu?” which is a bit confusing though. The actual spelling was “Skopatumana” but it continues changing as the word becomes popularly known globally.

What is Sco pa tu man?

Even though google translate detects it as Malay and translates it as “where is that?”, it was originated by a Ghanaian high life musician known as Patapaa Amisty. In the Ghanaian language, Sco pa tu mana has no actual meaning as it is gibberish.

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It actually popped out of a song by another artiste featuring Patapaa in the late April 2019 and it became very popular within the Ghanaian populace weeks after the song was released. The title of the song was Daavi Ne Ba by Kawoula Biov. However, a few weeks after the release of the Daavi Ne Ba song which had the “Sco pa tu mana” lyrics and was trending, Patapaa smartly make a new song and titles it “Skopatumana” but it couldn’t overshadow the song he was featured by Kawoula Biov.

Kawoul Biov – Daavi Ne Ba – ft Patapaa

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Who Originated Sco Pa Tu Mana?

Sco pa tu mana or Skopatumana was originated by a Ghanaian artiste known as Patapaa Amisty as it could be noticed in his lyrics on Kawoula Biov – Daavi Ne Ba Song. He has his own song titled “Skopatumana” after it became a trend as more people were participating in the #SkopatumanaChallenge worldwide. He is the same artiste who originated the “One Corner Dance” which was trending globally back in 2017.

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Patapaa Amisty – Originator of Sco pa tu mana (Skopatumana)

Patapaa – Skopatumana

However, Sco pa tu mana is now a trending word on social media especially Twitter. The term is used to ask people of their opinion about something. So it translates “Scopatumana” as “What is your opinion/What is your experience about this?”

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