Lagos, Nigeria – A viral video of a woman healing a cripple to walk without his clutches has hit the internet and is already causing confusion. This happened in Akure, Ondo State in Nigeria. – Young Woman Heals Cripple on Akure Road, Ondo State [+Video]

The video that is already making waves on the internet was shot by a passerby who witnessed the whole thing happen right in front of his eyes.

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In the video, the said young woman raised the disabled man’s hand and supported his to stand whiles chanting some incantations (in an unknown language) and then all of a sudden without the physically challenged man’s clutches which aided him in movements, he was able to walk freely. The man has received his healing right in the eyes of a huge crowd.

This happens in a place called Akure and by the roadside, that’s how it attracted a huge crowd to the scene. The crowd was gathered at the scene watching the young woman as she heals the physically challenged man.

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This kind of miracle rarely happen and as a matter of fact, it is always not easily believe especially when the doubter was not at the scene where it happened. Many people especially internet users are doubting the authenticity of the “miracle” with some saying they have seen some before and that it is something that is staged (a planned event).

Even though the identity of the young lady who performed the healing on the disabled man has not yet been known, information gathered by our team indicates that she is a Christian who performs such miracle using the name of Jesus.

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Watch The Video of Young Woman Heals Cripple on Akure Road, Ondo State

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